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Weekly News Digest 24 October 2015

The following are the key stories concerning environmental issues in Hong Kong for the week 24 – 30 October.

On waste:
Endangered green turtle found dead after eating marine litter
The dead body of a green sea turtle has washed up on a beach in Sai Kung, Pak Lap village. It most likely died after eating plastic bags as it is sometimes the case that marine animals confuse floating debris with food. It is believed that this is the first reported case in Hong Kong.

On animal welfare:
Kitten wrapped in tape rescued after suspected animal abuse
On the 25th October, a kitten was rescued after a 30-year-old woman found it in Fanling. She discovered that the animal had duct tape wrapped tightly around its belly. The cat has now been taken into the care of the SPCA to receive the veterinary procedures it needs.

Two jailed after chicken-wrapped explosive planned for wild boars blows off volunteer’s hand
Two men have been jailed for planting a “poultry bomb” intended to kill wild boars that actually ended up severely injuring an animal rescue volunteer when it exploded in his hands.

On wildlife protection:
Green group urges ivory trade ban
Golden Horse Award winning actress Li Bingbing and animal conservation group WildAid called for a ban on the illegal trade in ivory and the slaughter of elephants.