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Protect the beautiful beaches of Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung!

Most of you have heard of the New Territories Small House Policy (SHP), a policy that was introduced in 1972 and allows indigenous male villagers to apply for a grant to build one small house (700 sq ft). It was originally introduced as a temporary measure to improve the low standard of living in rural areas of the New Territories. Yet today, many of the houses are unlawfully traded, sold for profit immediately after being constructed, and this temporary measure appears to now be permanent.

Recently, an ironic story has come to light concerning the SHP, which reminds us all why it needs to be abolished. The assistant director of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) and members of his family have applied to build five houses in Ham Tin village, threatening the local environment of Tai Long Wan beaches with built-in septic tanks and waste runoff. That’s right, a member of the governmental body seeking to conserve the natural beauty of Hong Kong is also seeking to damage it. It’s also ironic that a senior government official with a good salary and benefits can apply for a housing grant.

Sign this petition today to support the ban of the SHP, or at the very least its amendment so that it no longer applies within Country Park boundaries!