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Urge the government to follow its original timeline to phase out pre-Euro IV vehicles and to not give into the pressures

354 Signatures Obtained, This Campaign Ended on November 27, 2013

Target: 500000


The cause for this petition is simple: Look up and around you. Do you like what you see? Do you hold your breath sometimes when crossing busy streets that channel vehicle exhaust? Do your respiratory allergies or illnesses get worse on the bad pollution days?

The research is clear; most of HK’s poor air quality is a result of LOCAL HK:

  • land transport: old diesel trucks and buses account for 80% of roadside nitrogen oxide emissions, and 90% of ‘PM10’ (particles of material from vehicle exhaust that can damage lungs)
  • sea transport: container ships and some old ferries
  • coal power plants

And the health and financial costs are well documented as well:

  • 8-9 people die pre-maturely every day in Hong Kong
  • $21 billion is lost in productivity and hospital visits

As of October 2013, the World Health Organization has officially recognized air pollution to be carcinogenic, so now there is no reason for Hong Kong government to be lax about addressing our air quality issues.

The sooner the government pushes through with this new regulation, the better it will be for all those who call Hong Kong their home or their latest tourist destination. The new regulation would get more than 86,000 old diesel vehicles off the road, resulting in a reduction of nitrogen oxide by 30%, and suspended particulates by 80%!

Please join me in spreading this petition to as many people who you know care about supporting a positive movement that affects us in Hong Kong and in the greater Pearl River Delta, and by signing this before 8am, Tuesday, 26th November 2013, where I’ll be submitting this petition during my oral presentation to the LegCo Sub-committee on Air Pollution Control that afternoon.

Petition Letter

To Subcommittee on Air Pollution Control Regulation,

We, the people of Hong Kong, are a resilient people. We work and study hard to make a brighter future not only for ourselves, but also for our inter-connected communities in this region. This has sometimes led us to accommodate more than is wise, and in the case of our air quality, it is most apparent.

There is ample evidence from pure anecdotal views of long-time residents, from investigation results of university scientists and researchers (like Prof. Hedley, creator of the Hedley Index for Air Pollution, who left HK because of the bad air quality), from news reports, from NGOs local & international, and it all points to the rather clear picture that:

  1. our air quality objectives are needing an upgrade (which we are pleased to hear will be happening in 2014);
  2. given the predominantly local source of our air pollution being the old diesel vehicles, we need to replace them as fast as possible.

As a result, we urge the government to press on with their ORIGINAL timeline for the phasing out of the polluting vehicles (“pre-Euro IV” level of vehicles) such as:

  • pre-Euro & Euro I: phase out by 1st Jan, 2016
  • Euro II: phase out by 1st Jan, 2017
  • Euro III: phase out by 1st Jan, 2019

We also urge the government to not give in to the pressures to extend the phase out deadlines for Euro I, II and III by a year, as the transport lobbyists have encouraged.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Smriti Safaya on November 19, 2013, with an end date of November 27, 2013.