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Reduce Plastic Waste: Upgrade All Water Fountains Now!

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The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and Food and Hygiene Department (FEHD) have suspended more than 1,000 water dispensers for almost two years now. As a result, visitors of sports centres, libraries, public markets, and other facilities are forced to buy packaged drinks. This is creating unnecessary waste.

In contrast, research shows that water dispensers under the Hospital Authority and the Airport are open for public use. By doing so, these departments actively promote a “Bring Your Own Bottle” culture in support of both public health and waste reduction strategies.

The difference lies in the type of dispensers used. The traditional water fountains used by LCSD and FEHD are considered a hygiene risk. Modern bottle refilling stations, as used by the Hospital Authority and the Airport Authority, are considered safe. With this petition, we call on all government departments to speed up the replacement of their suspended water fountains with new bottle refill stations.

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Drink Without Waste (2021). https://drinkwithoutwaste.org/

Petition Letter

To Secretary for Home Affairs, Director of Leisure and Cultural Services, Secretary for Food and Health and Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene,

With this petition, we urge the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and the Food and Hygiene Department (FEHD) to pursue Hong Kong’s public health and waste-reduction-at-source strategies. Urgent action is required to upgrade all conventional water dispensers to bottle refill stations and to promote “Bring Your Own Bottle” habits.

LCSD and FEHD manage 1,061 water dispensers. However, almost all continue to be suspended. This forces the public to purchase pre-packaged beverages resulting in waste going to landfills.

Although our hospitals and airport are regarded high risk areas, all their public drinking water facilities continue to operate. Research shows that the critical difference is the type of dispenser. While the LCSD and FEHD use water fountains, both the Hospital Authority and Airport Authority have installed water bottle refill stations.

Traditional water fountains are considered a risk to public health. Modern bottle refill stations are considered a safe option to ensure the public has access to drinking water – even when we face a deadly virus epidemic.

Replacing water fountains with bottle refill stations offers public health benefits, provides citizens with access to drinking water, while supporting Government’s waste reduction strategies.

We call on the LCSD and FEHD to expediently replace all their water fountains; to increase the network of publicly accessible water dispensers; and to promote their water dispenser locations to the public.

[1] Drink Without Waste (2021). Press Release. 23 October 2021. LCSD and FEHD urged to upgrade their water dispensers to reduce plastic bottle waste. https://bit.ly/DWW_PressRelease_EN

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Drink Without Waste and Eat Without Waste on November 3, 2021, with an end date of April 2, 2022.

此聯署由 免廢暢飲 和 免廢外賣 共同發起。

免廢暢飲 是一個即棄飲品包裝工作小組,工作小組由飲料製造商和進口商、資源管理和回收商、公共機構、零售商和非政府機構所組織的聯盟。自2017年成立以來,我們一直致力於減少因飲品消耗所產生的廢物,目標是在2025年或之前將廢棄的飲品包裝減少70%至90%。

免廢外賣 是ADM Capital Foundation旗下的計劃,針對香港外賣包裝廢物問題而制訂、分析及推動各種解決方案。

This petition is co-initiated by Drink Without Waste and Eat Without Waste.

Drink Without Waste is a Single-Use Beverage Packaging Working Group, established in 2017. It is a coalition of beverage manufacturers and importers, waste handlers and recyclers, institutions, retailers and NGOs. Our goal is to reduce the volume of used beverage packaging going to waste by 70 to 90% in 2025.

Eat Without Waste is an ADM Capital Foundation initiative that formulates, analyses, and drives solutions to waste from takeaway packaging in Hong Kong.