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Support the Regulation of Disposable Plastic Tableware

Public Consultation on the Scheme on Regulation of Disposable Plastic Tableware: More details

1403 Signatures Obtained, This Campaign Ended on September 8, 2021

Target: 1500


Sign your support for regulating disposable plastic tableware to Hong Kong Government and legislators. Signatures and comments will be submitted to the Environmental Protection Department before the consultation deadline (8 September 2021)

By regulating disposable plastic tableware like takeout containers, cups, and straws, we can start addressing Hong Kong’s sizable and visible waste stream. Governments around the world have started to develop similar and related policies, but given its scope and ambition, Hong Kong’s proposal could put it in a leadership position.

Why does it matter for Hong Kong?

– Hong Kong is a big waste producer on a per capita basis — we need to create less waste and send less of it to the landfill

– Single-use, disposable tableware is an important and highly visible contributor to the littering of our beaches, country parks, and sidewalks

Regulating these packaging products, more than any other type of policy, creates a level playing field for food&beverage operators and provides a strong driver for innovation  

Why should you sign?

We need to signal our strong support and give our lawmakers and politicians the courage to move ahead. Government does take into account the responses to their public consultations, as we saw from the consultation on plastic bottles last spring: there, the overwhelming public response gave a strong impulse for the legislative work that is currently under way. With this petition, you can add your voice and help accelerate effective regulation for tableware’s important waste challenge.

To learn more about the proposal, or submit a more detailed response, you can:

– visit the Eat Without Waste website: https://www.admcf.org/initiative-eat-without-waste/

– visit the government consultation website: https://www.rdpt.hk/en/

– read the full consultation paper: https://www.rdpt.hk/en/consultation-paper/

fill in the complete consultation questionnaire online: https://www.rdpt.hk/en/form/


Petition Letter

To The Waste Reduction and Recycling Group of Environmental Protection Department,

I would like to signal my strong support for your public consultation “Scheme on Regulation of Disposable Plastic Tableware”. 

To the Question “Do you support in principle the introduction of legislation to regulate disposable plastic tableware?”, my response is “Strongly Support”.

To the Question “Do you agree that the sale of disposable EPS* tableware to local end-consumers (including catering premises) should be banned?”, my response is “Strongly Agree”.

To the Question “What are your views on the timetable for implementing the Regulation Scheme in a progressive manner as proposed in the Regulation Scheme?”, my response is “Other: Please expedite the legislative timeline for the full scope of the legislation, but adjust the implementation timeline to allow for a transition to truly sustainable alternatives rather than quick fixes based on false marketing claims.”

*EPS: Expanded polystyrene, a packaging material often referred to by one of its commercial brand names, ‘Styrofoam‘.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Eat Without Waste on September 1, 2021, with an end date of September 8, 2021.

Eat Without Waste is an ADM Capital Foundation initiative that formulates, analyses, and drives solutions to waste from takeaway packaging in Hong Kong. Our researchers have established a granular view of Hong Kong’s take-out waste landscape and evaluated different solution types based on multiple environmental, economic, and social metrics. After the release of the report in late 2021, Eat Without Waste will continue to facilitate and support upcoming pilots and initiatives within the solution space.

免廢外賣 是ADM Capital Foundation 旗下的計劃,針對香港外賣包裝廢物問題而制訂、分析及推動各種解決方案。我們的研究員就全港外賣包裝廢物問題作出了全面分析,並根據多個環境、經濟及社會因素評核不同方案類別。2021年年尾發布報告後,免廢外賣 將會繼續促進及支持未來各種解決外賣包裝廢物的先導計劃及項目。