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Support Smart and Zero-Car Transport System for Kowloon East

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According to the ‘Detailed Feasibility Study for Environmentally Friendly Linkage System for Kowloon East-Interim Public Consultation’, three green public transport modes were introduced, including At-grade (dedicated), at-grade (shared), and elevated.

The Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) concluded that the Elevated System is the most suitable transport mode, because it would occupy less road space, meaning it would not hugely affect the existing carriageways and footpath, the system would also allow high speed and provide efficiency. Whereas at-grade (dedicated) or at-grade (shared) would cause bigger impact to road users and no benefits to the society.

However, the Elevated System was overrated. Here are two negative effects:

  1. The bridge said to be build in the system would act like a panel that would eventually weaken the air ventilation capacity, and
  2. it would restrict the amount of sunlight that is available and much needed for the health of the neighbourhood.

In fact, there should not be only just three suggestions on the transport modes and they can be complementing one another. We now propose the forth alternative to the Kowloon East Linkage System: Walk Kowloon East (WKLE). We encourage the government to make roads that accomodate pedestrians and clean transport i.e. trams and bicycles only.

Hence, despite the Elevated System, we urge the government to adopt a at-grade system for Kowloon East. If it is necessary to allow clean transport and ordinary vehicles to both utilise the existing road system, we suggest the government to build a tunnel under the most used roads so as to alleviate existing busy traffic. Traffic congestions could be avoided in the new development area if appropriate and careful route planning would take place.

This development is now at the public consultation process, which will end on July 2. We urge the government to consider this alternative in the second stage of its study.

Petition Letter

To Director of Civil Engineering and Development,

We are upset that THREE plans raised by the Government did not consider pedestrian priority and improvement of air quality in the Kowloon East transport system planning.

We hereby urge the Hong Kong Government to:

Consider our proposal for a clean transport and zero-car transport system in Kowloon East.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by 立法會姚松炎議員辦事處(建築、測量、都市規劃及園境界)、立法會朱凱廸議員辦事處(新界西) on June 28, 2017, with an end date of July 3, 2017.