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Support for revisions on R/S/TKO/25-A1

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In 2017, the Government submitted a proposal to the Town Planning Board to rezone the land use. Five green belts in Tseung Kwan O – north of Tseung Kwan O Village, north of Fan Yip Road, south of Shek Siu Road, west of Lei Yue Wan Estate and east of Hong Kong Film City, a total of 11 hectares forest land proposed converted to residential use.

The site of the “Green Belt” (pictured) in the north of Tseung Kwan O Village, which was considered by the Town Planning Board, should not be rezoned to the “Residential (Group A) 7” zone. The minutes of the meeting are mainly (compared to the other four cities which are relatively close to the city centre and currently have access to the land). The site is relatively far from the centre of Tseung Kwan O and is not adjacent to any existing road. It is necessary to build a new access road. It would lead to extensive site formation works and affect the natural slopes. In addition, the proposed high-rise housing development is not compatible with the surrounding low-rise development. The meeting agreed that the “GB” zoning of the Amendment Item A site should be reinstated. Please sign the petition to welcome the decision of the Town Planning Board.

Petition Letter

To Town Planning Board,

I support the amendments to the TKO Outline Zoning Plan to reinstate the heavily wooded land to the north of Tseung Kwan O Estate back to “Green Belt” in response to strong public objections to the proposed development of housing blocks that would destroy the natural environment and many trees and habitat.

The Little Hawaii Trail is one of the most accessible and easiest trails for beginners and families with younger children who want to enjoy a day with nature.

The community cannot accept the continuous attack on our natural resources under the excuse of lack of land for housing when there are hundreds of hectares of brownfield sites and unused military land that should be used for this purpose.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by 環保觸覺 Green Sense on July 24, 2018, with an end date of August 4, 2018.


Green Sense, established in 2004 and registered as Charitable Institutions in 2010. We aim to point out the non-environmental friendly practice in society through research and monitoring. We enhance the environmental consciousness by education and publicity, in order to ultimately achieve an environmental friendly society, for the sake of our next generation and the ecology.