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Support a footbridge at Waterfall Bay

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Three deaths at Waterfall Bay since 2006
On his way after exercise in Cyberport Park, a young father slipped from the top of the waterfall at Wah Fu. He hung onto tree branches and cried for help. Unfortunately, he fell down the 15 meter cliff and was killed before fire services arrived. Many Wah Fu residents use the path despite two earlier casualties in 2006 and 2008.

Slow progress by the Southern District Council and Hong Kong Government
As early as 2010, a proposal was made to the Southern District Council and the Hong Kong government for a safe pedestrian footbridge to give more people the chance to enjoy the spectacular Waterfall Bay area. Government was not interested.

In 2011, the Southern District Council jointly urged the Government to start implementing a promenade linking Kennedy Town to Aberdeen. A consultancy study that followed proposed fixing the link at Waterfall Bay.

In 2013 the government announced that every district council would have HK$100m for a Signature Project Scheme. Southern District Councillor Paul Zimmerman proposed that a portion would be spend on the waterfall bay footbridge. The district council chose to build a seafood restaurant at the Aberdeen Promenade. This was rejected by residents and nearby restaurant operators. Members in the council now want to spend this project fund on 5 years of welfare services.

The project now sits with the District Minor Works Programme of the council. However, progress is slow and construction is unsure given district minor work budget limits. With the recent fatal accident, we urge the government and the council to give the project priority to avoid further injuries and fatalities.

Petition Letter

To Director of Leisure and Cultural Services, Southern District Council,

We are saddened that three people slipped from the top of the waterfall at Waterfall Bay in the last 11 years.

We hereby urge government to:

  • Expedite a footbridge between Cyberport Road and Waterfall Bay park by confirming the funding and project proponent.
  • Expand Waterfall Bay park so that the beach and waterfall are actively managed by LCSD for safe enjoyment by the public.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Paul Zimmerman 司馬文 on June 20, 2017, with an end date of August 20, 2017.

Paul Zimmerman is an elected councillor in the Southern District representing the Pokfulam constituency.

Southern District Councillor 南區區議員
CEO, Designing Hong Kong 創建香港行政總裁
Director, Civic Exchange 思匯政策研究所董事會成員
Chairman, Hong Kong Democratic Foundation 香港民主促進會主席
Chairman, The Professional Commons 公共專業聯盟主席
Member, Harbourfront Commission 海濱事務委員會成員
Advisor, Society for Protection of the Harbour 保護海港協會顧問
Member, Social Sciences Advisory Board of Lingnan University
Election Committee - Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape
​選舉委員會委員 - 建築、測量、都市規劃及園境界
Member, Community for Road Safety 道路安全研究小組成員
Honorary Advisor, HKSAR Outstanding Students’ Union 香港特別行政區傑出學生聯會- 榮譽顧問