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Stop the Development Plan of an Outlet Mall with Commercial Uses in Nam Sang Wai

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Nam Sang Wai is not merely one of the most important wetland in Hong Kong, but also a stopover site for various species of migratory birds. To develop a commercial outlet mall in Nam Sang Wai would severely damage this lovely habitat, while the destruction done is irreversible. Thus we should stand up against the development plan.

Petition Letter

To Town Planning Board,

As a member of the Hong Kong public, I entirely concern about the sustainable development in Yuen Long district. We hereby call upon the Town Planning Board to ban the development of a commercial outlet mall in Wing Kei Tsuen, Nam Sang Wai (Application No. A/YL-NSW/241).

Nam Sang Wai has long been one of the crucial wetland and habitats for various species of birds. Such development would bring irreversible damage to the precious natural environment, turning Hong Kong into a lifeless city with solely commercial value. Other than that, the development plan is only beneficial to large business group and landowners. Also, building a commercial outlet increase burden to the traffic network nearby, meanwhile, would lead to unpredictable public security problems.

Hong Kong people cherish this rare piece of oasis in the city, which is often the first choice for picnic and outdoor activities. To destroy this priceless part of greenland simply for money interest is unbearable, and it is particularly unacceptable when it comes to Yuen Long, a district with over 300,000 residents.

Therefore I oppose the development plan (Application no. A/YL-NSW/241), and signed the petition to protect this precious part of Hong Kong.


  1. The proposed develop area lies in the Wetland Buffer Area, a location where the endangered species, Black-faced Spoonbills and other shorebirds are fed. The development obstructs the normal living of the birds and brings negative impact to the ecological environment.
  2. The approval to the development plan encourages property developers to change the land use. It involves changing the fish ponds and agricultural lands for commercial use. The government should exert in conserving agriculture land and fishery.
  3. The development does not bring significant economic improvement to Yuen Long. Rather, the influx of parallel traders would heavily burden the surrounding traffic system. In fact, the normal living of Yuen Long residents has already been negatively affected by the parallel traders and stores, to approve the development plan would aggravate the problem.
  4. To protect the natural environment is a Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate should always strike a balance between profit-making and public interest, to develop in Nam Sang Wai solely for commercial purpose severs the bonding between human and natural environment.
  5. The development intention deviates from the Comprehensive Development to include Wetland Restoration Area. The proposal is predominated by commercial purpose, and the Commercial Fish Pond does not attain the aim of restoring the wetland.
  6. Sun Hung Kai Properties posses a large number of lands in Nam Sang Wai, splitted them into multi development plans is its attempt to divert the attention of Town Planning Board on the fact of potential accumulated impact. The approval would only be beneficial to the remaining proceeding development plan, like shopping mall and other affiliated facilities, and increase the probability of developing the land into residential use. (Note: Planning application no.: A/YL-NSW/233 and Y/YL-NSW/3, both possessed by SHK Properties, have been approved by TPB)
  7. The approval to the plan would become a bad example for other developers, resulting in the destruction of the entire wetland buffer area, lowering the ecological value of the Wetland Conservation Area and the fish ponds.

We need your support, to protect Nam Sang Wai, to oppose the development plan and most importantly, to win back the natural land that belongs to Hong Kongers!

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Kay To on October 17, 2016, with an end date of January 31, 2017.