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Stop growth of the Mikania weed in the Tai Tam Reservoir.

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Invasive species is a huge issue around the world; in Hong Kong there are 73 different types of invasive species alone. This is a huge number of animals and/or plants that are not originated from Hong Kong! We need all the signatures we can get to help reduce this number. The invasive species we are focusing on is the Mikania weed in Tai Tam Reservoir. It grows eight centimetres a day, that is eight centimetres of native species dying every day! We need your help.

Petition Letter

To Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation,

We are a group of grade five students at Hong Kong Academy. Right now we are working on a project called Exhibition. Exhibition is a project where each one of the grade 5 students picks a global issue. Our group is focusing on the problem of Invasive Species. We have learned that there are seventy four invasive species in Hong Kong. We want to help with this issue, but we need assistance.

Invasive species are a sizeable problem and nothing is being done about it. We would like you to consider the extermination of the Mikania Micrantha weed in and around the Tai Tam Tuk reservoir. This weed can grow up to eight centimeters per day. The plant grows up the sides of native trees and plants, enveloping them and depriving the native species of light and water as well as weighing the limbs of the native plant down. This plant, Mikania Micrantha, also has the ability to reproduce in large quantities. The seed of this plant has knots that give it the power to spread the seeds over a large area affectively. This causes Mikania Micrantha to cover large areas. If this plant were removed native species would flourish in their uninfected habitat.

Mikania Micrantha is native to South Africa and should not grow in Hong Kong. This weed has been in and around Hong Kong since 1884. The problem is not that the plant is here, it is that the plant is multiplying and ruining our beautiful home’s wildlife, especially plants. We want to conserve Hong Kong’s natural habitat, not let it be walked over by invasive species. We think that exterminating this plant, even if in small quantities, will make a change. Please help us with this issue.

Ty, Guy, and Carl, The Invasive Species Group.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by The Invasive Species Group on February 25, 2014, with an end date of December 31, 2015.