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Stop giving out plastic bags for take-away drinks

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McDonald’s practice of giving out plastic bags for drinks has contributed to an immense burden on Hong Kong’s landfill. The material of the bags is in fact polyethylene, a non-degradable material.

It is found that McDonald’s Hong Kong’s policy regarding plastic bag distribution does not align with its in-store practice. The company promises to give out plastic bag only upon request, but in reality, it distributes plastic bag without specific request.

Most of the customers had reflected that the plastic bags are unnecessary, not giving away plastic bags could be beneficial to the environment and facilitate the reduction of landfill burden.

Petition Letter

To McDonald's Restaurants (HK) Limited,

We call on McDonald’s Hong Kong to stop giving out plastic bags for take-away drinks. The act of giving away unnecessary plastic bags would worsen the situation of land pollution. Hence, with regards to the following reasons, we petition for the relinquishment of the practice of distributing free plastic bags:

  1. It is found that all branches of McDonald’s give out approximately 180,000 plastic bags each day and occupies huge amount of space in the landfill.
  2. The raw material for the concerned plastic bags is polyethylene, which is known to be non-degradable, and could lasts to 1000 years on land. Disposal to the ocean could upset marine ecosystem and combustion of the plastic could produce soot and emit volatile compounds which cause serious air pollution. In short, those plastic bags could not be destroyed.
  3. Base on our investigation, most of the interviewees indicated that such plastic bags are unnecessary and could add no convenience for the customers.
  4. The practice of giving free plastic bags is only implemented in McDonald’s Asia branches. Withdrawal of such policy could help align McDonald’s environmental policy worldwide and give public impression of the company as a green corporate.
  5. Cutting back plastic bags means cutting daily operational cost. According to McDonald’s plastic bag supplier, the cost of 2000 plastic bags is $143. Termination of plastic containers order may saved up to over 4 million ($4,633,200) every year for the company.

Please cut the provision and usage of plastic bags for take-away drinks, and strive to protect our homeland.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by 我想同m記講: 野飲唔駛膠袋喇唔該!Say No to McDonald's Plastic Bags for takeaway drinks on January 27, 2017, with an end date of April 30, 2017.


Let's save the earth by saying NO to McDonald's plastic bags for drinks when ordering takeaway meals!
By doing so, the number of disposed plastic bags can be reduced by 180 thousand a day!