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Save farmland: Reject Planning Application A/YL-HTF/1081

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An Agricultural and Residential(D) Land at Sha Kong Village, Yuen Long is proposed to the Town Planning Board using as Temporary Storage of Crawler Cranes, Crawler Crane Parts and Electric Generators (for a Period of 1 Year). It is an area of approximately 110000 square feet.

Applications for changing the land use had been submitted six times in the past, for either temporary warehouse or factory, all of these applications were rejected. Same as previous applications, A/YL-HTF/1081 proposes to use the area as a temporary warehouse, which clearly does not fit the planning intention of Agricultural Land.

We strongly hold that well kept agricultural land should be reserved for farming purposes in the future. Please sign and share the petition to save farmland for farming!

Petition Letter

To Town Planning Board,

We object the planning application A/YL-HTF/1081, the reasons are as follows:

The involved land is classified as Agricultural and Residential(D) Land, although the proposed change is temporary, such area should not be used for private commercial purposes since it does not fit the planning intention of Agricultural Land, which aims to perverse and protect well-kept farmland for farming purposes.

The plan will cause negative impacts to the lands surrounding environment, traffic, landscape, and etc. More than 200 Ficus macrocarpa trees are planted at the proposed land.

Changing its use is be a “Destroy first, build later” activity, approval of the application would be a bad precedent for a similar proposal. Similar cases in the future will have an accumulated effects causing a decline in the environmental quality.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Kay To on July 12, 2017, with an end date of July 25, 2017.