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Save Cha Kwo Ling Park

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Cha Kwo Ling Park in Kwun Tong is the last site within Victoria Harbour that can be developed into a harbourfront park. Back in 2006 this site was reserved for future Cha Kwo Ling Park by the Government, upon the completion of construction projects in the area. But now VTC has applied to Town Planning Board to change the land use in the OZP for a campus. This quality and vibrant waterfront site should be for the enjoyment of all citizens. But now once the land use is changed, it is irreversible. This open space on the harbourfront will be lost forever. There are numerous abandoned school sites in Hong Kong. It is not necessary for VTC to put a campus on waterfront. The Government should well utilize the 183 abandoned school sites, to meet the demands of different interests.

Petition Letter

To Director of Planning, Town Planning Board,

I demand the reservation of the last waterfront park of Victoria Harbour, for the following reasons:

  • to honour the results of three-phase public consultation between 2004-2006, that the open space network connects with Cha Kwo Ling Park
  • to respect to the resolution of Kwun Tong District Council, that “Cha Kwo Ling Park” is to be built as soon as possible
  • to build a park, meeting the “VICTORIA HARBOUR AND ITS WATERFRONT AREAS” planning principles – The planning, development and management of Victoria Harbour and its harbour-front areas should maximize opportunities for public enjoyment. Land required for and the impact from infrastructure developments, utility installations and land uses incompatible with the harbour planning principles should be minimized.
  • to find better options for VTC campus to achieve a win-win result.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by 保護茶果嶺海濱 Protect Cha Kwo Ling Harbour on December 4, 2017, with an end date of January 31, 2018.

於 2017年2月17日, 城市規劃委員會宣佈修訂啟德分區計劃大綱核准圖, 以下網址為城巿規劃修訂之修訂詳情