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Save Cadogan Street Temporary Garden

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Declared Victory: May 12, 2017

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The government put forward The Draft Kennedy Town and Mount Davis Outline Zoning Plan to the Town Planning Board despite many objections: its plan is to demolish the only green park – Cadogan Street Temporary Garden (“the Park”) in the area and sell it to property developers to build luxury apartments. The Town Planning document shows that the decontamination work will take 7 years before the construction work starts. There will be no compensation during this period so our environment and air quality will just get worse. Kennedy Town is already lacking community facilities and this Park is the only open area in which the public can gather and socialise. By losing the Park, we will lose a gathering point for the residents and community cohesion.

The consultation period ended on 11 May. The Town Planning Board received over 7,600 representations and most of them objected to the demolition of the Park. Residents also proposed several alternative plans which can conserve the Park and let the planned residential buildings be built, making a win-win situation. Our proposal can balance the development of the Hong Kong economy, benefit the interests of Kennedy Town residents and also protect the environment to conserve variety of living organisms and residents’ health. The Town Planning Board has launched the last three weeks’ consultation to allow the public to comment on the representations received. The deadline will be on 26 July, 2016. We would be grateful for your support of our proposal to conserve the Park. Please sign to support our proposal and object the other representations of overdevelopment.

To view our representation, click HERE.

To see the views of residents, watch the video of SocREC : https://youtu.be/xNcRVyh96Wo.

Your signature and opinions will be sent to the Town Planning Board directly via email. You will also have the opportunity to attend the hearing session at the Town Planning Board in the coming months. This is the final call so please help us. Thank you!

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This petition was started by 守護堅城 Protect Kennedy Town on July 14, 2016, with an end date of July 26, 2016.

Concern Group for Protecting Kennedy Town Initiated and formed by Kennedy Town residents, concerned about the Cadogan Street Temporary Garden being changed into private housing and the Kennedy Town West Land Use Project.