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In Chief Executive’s 2017 Policy Address, Ms. Carrie Lam mentioned about turning Berth 1-3 of Western District Cargo Working Area (the “Area”) into a community garden. The pier area has always been a favourite spot for the community to use as a public open space. The proposed short term tenancy for use of this area as a community garden with ancillary uses, while only leaving a 10m wide area for promenade uses implies that 80% of the public space will be fenced and no more free public access under disguised privatisation.

Our public opinion research indicated that top usage wanted by residents at the pier are hanging out with friends & families, neighborhood party, jogging, dog walking, and temporary outdoor cinema, which demand the harborfront to be remained as public open space. Top facilities wanted are seating, shading, washroom, and more entrances, but not community garden at the pier.

Neither the government nor the District Council has consulted the community reasonably and holistically on the proposal to convert the pier area into a community garden. The community is surprised to first see this proposal in the Chief Executive’s latest policy address that in first quarter of 2018, the government will turn the Area into a community garden, so time is running out and we urge you to support this petition.

Petition Letter

To Secretary for Development,

I object turning the Western Cargo Working Area Berth 1-3 into community garden. Currently, this area has been a favourite public harbourfront space for residents to visit, including various popular usage in terms of hanging out with friends and families, jogging, leisure walking, and dog walking, etc. If a community garden is constructed, 80% of the public space will be fenced and no more free public access under disguised privatisation.

Even worse, the Central & Western District open space is already insufficient and significantly below Planning Guidelines (0.68sqm per person of local open space while the standard is 1 sqm). The government’s proposal would further deprive our Central & Western District residents the right to truly and much needed open and accessible space.

In addition, community garden should be located in the middle of the neighbourhood (eg, rooftop of buildings, nearby areas of residential buildings), while stay away from strong wind, strong prolonged sunlight and high salt air, so as to beautify the environment and purify the air with more urban greening, which is significantly lacking in Kennedy Town. The government should find other appropriate locations to meet the needs of community garden.

I request the government to openly consult the public and discuss with residents about how to use this area to make it more openly and vibrantly used by the public.

Issuing organizations:
Pop Up Pier
CWD Planning and Conservation Kai-Fong Alliance
Sai Yau Office
Central and Western Concern Group
Protect Kennedy Town Alliance
Sai Wan Concern Group
Island West Dynamic Movement
Alliance for Protecting Cadogan Park
Victoria Waterfront Concern Group
Pound Lane Concern Group

Petition Creator

This petition was started by 守護堅城 Protect Kennedy Town on November 3, 2017, with an end date of December 31, 2018.

Concern Group for Protecting Kennedy Town Initiated and formed by Kennedy Town residents, concerned about the Cadogan Street Temporary Garden being changed into private housing and the Kennedy Town West Land Use Project.