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Rezone Des Voeux Road Central to Pedestrian and Tram Precinct

396 Signatures Obtained, This Campaign Ended on November 30, 2016

Target: 10000


HongKongers have been crying for public space. More than a decade ago, our group promoted a scheme “Creating a Better Place for People: Des Voeux Road (DVRC) Pedestrian Precinct” that aims to transform an often congested part of Central into a greener and vibrant pedestrian-friendly space. The initiative does not only echoes with but complements the Government’s plan on pedestrianisation in Hong Kong. The petition letter below explains why.


Petition Letter

To Secretary for Transport and Housing, Secretary for the Environment, Secretary for Development,

Herewith I call on the Transport and Housing Bureau, Development Bureau, and Environment Bureau to work together to:

Pedestrianize Des Voeux Road Central, on a temporary and progressive basis, from Pedder Street to Morrison Street (1,400m) on Sundays and Public holidays as soon as possible.
Herewith we call on the Town Planning Board:

To approve the application (No. Y/H3/7), in whole or in part, to rezone Des Voeux Road Central (DVRC) from Pedder Street to Morrison Street; from “Road” to “Pedestrian Area and Environmentally Friendly Transport System” along the tramline (with the exception of North-south cross roads).

My reasons for supporting this petition letter:

  • Traffic can be redirected successfully and temporarily to other roads to minimize traffic impact to surroundings. This in turn has enabled the road space on DVRC to be used for public activities.
  • There are no safety issues with operating the tram and having a pedestrian area on DVRC.The sharing of road space is inefficient and unfair in Central, with most of the space designated to private vehicles and taxis, but too little to pedestrians.
  • The tram services and other environmentally friendly transport (electric buses or Euro V compliant buses) as the main mode of transport above ground will improve roadside air-quality.
  • The reduction of vehicular traffic will reduce roadside noise pollution.
  • A better outdoor street environment on DVRC will bring new vibrancy with outdoor seating, street markets, community events and other activities beneficial to the community and the business operators.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by 行德 WALK DVRC on September 18, 2016, with an end date of November 30, 2016.

2000年香港規劃師學會(HKIP)和香港運輸物流學會(CILTHK)首先提倡《為市民創建更美好的地方: 德輔道行人專用區》方案。


2015年,多個環組織成立德輔道中聯盟,並向城規會遞交改劃土地用途的申請,建議將德輔道中改劃為休憩用地(Open Space)和環保交通工具專用區。


In 2000, the Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP) and the Chartered Institute of Transport (CILTHK) promoted a scheme “Creating a Better Place for People: Des Voeux Road (DVRC) Pedestrian Precinct.”

In 2014,the proposal is updated. “Proposed Tram & Pedestrian Precinct in Des Voeux Road Central” set out how DVRC, between Pedder Street and Morrison Street, could become a green “tram and pedestrian precinct”.

In 2015, the DVRC Initiative is formed. We submitted an application to the Town Planning Board to rezone DVRC to open space with environmentally friendly public transport.

The DVRC Initiative will set up a resource centre to facilitate the research and design work and for liaison among stakeholders, government and community. We aim to create a CBD 'for the people'.