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Removal of all white plastic lattice fences from Pak She Back Street Garden, Cheung Chau Island to bring back the natural beauty

35 Signatures Obtained, This Campaign Ended on January 31, 2015

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We believe the fundamental purpose of park is to provide a relaxing and relatively natural environment for the general enjoyment of the public and this unnecessary plastic lattice fences serve no purpose and are nothing more than a blatant misuse of public funds

Petition Letter

To Director of Leisure and Cultural Services,

Your Deputy District Leisure Manager (Islands)2 insist to have white plastic lattice fences at Pak She Back Street Garden Cheung Chau Island for plant protection reasons.

Apparently she and her team revealed that (Quote):“some park users and cyclists habitually placed their personal belongings or parked their bikes along the planters which may cause damage to the vegetation inside. Therefore, the lattices are required to be erected for protection purpose. Besides, it forbids dog urine in the planter which detriment the plant growth.”

In fact this venue has very little bicycle traffic and some of the fences are elevated which makes it impossible for anyone to get close too or for dogs to relieve them.

Common sense should reveal that a lattice fence does not provide any protection for dog urine.

Using massive plastic fencing on public parks which hides and covers the plants natural beauty contradict the very first reason to provide user with a natural environment for their relaxation and enjoyment.
It is also not in line with your departments mission in “Preserve cultural heritage and Beautify the environment”

Please accept and adopt what is going on at the rest of the developed world including China which promotes and aim for a natural and harmonic way of living.

Plastic fences and metal railings should not be used at any LCSD managed parks.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Chef Hans on November 10, 2013, with an end date of January 31, 2015.