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Reject URA’s A/H3/435 Planning Application

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URA’s new high-rise scheme will destroy historic neighbourhood

The Staunton Street, Shing Wong Street and Wing Lee Street neighbourhood is one of the most historic areas in the Central/Sheung Wan District with low-rise tenements, terraces, lanes and stepped streets. Since 2008, the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) has been buying properties in this area for a large urban redevelopment scheme known as H19. In 2011, the Government removed Wing Lee Street from the redevelopment scheme. In 2013, the URA announced it would preserve the tenement building at Nos. 88-90 Staunton Street and build a 13-storey medium-rise along Shing Wong Street to preserve the neighbourhood’s character. Now, the URA has put forward a new scheme which will pull down Nos. 88-90 Staunton Street and all tenements within the redevelopment area, and build two (20+ storeys) high-rise residential/commercial towers in our historic neighbourhood.

* This is the second-round consultation and a great opportunity to oppose the URA’s redevelopment scheme in Old Town Central. If you signed before, you can sign again to express your strong objection to the Town Planning Board. All your comments will be considered.

Petition Letter

To Town Planning Board,

Objection to the Urban Renewal Authority’s planning application A/H3/435

  1. We object to URA’s proposed scheme of two high-rise towers (each 20+ storeys in height) as they are out of scale and out of character with the historic neighbourhood. This development will worsen the environment by creating serious wall effect and heat-island effect and bring excessive traffic pressure to the area.
  2. We object to the demolition of tenement buildings (tong lau) in H19 area as it will destroy the important built fabric of this historic neighbourhood.
  3. We object to URA’s forced resumption of the properties which have been renovated to good standards by their owners and well occupied by residents, shops and work places. The owners should be given the option of maintaining their properties.
  4. The proposed scheme is strongly objected by the Central & Western District Council and members of the community due to its many negative impacts. It must be rejected.
  5. The URA violated its 2013 preservation commitment. We demand the URA to preserve the tong lau at Nos. 88-90 Staunton Street as promised. This historic neighbourhood should be conserved together with the tong lau cluster in Wing Lee Street, the Bridges Street Market and PMQ in a holistic manner.
  6. We ask the Town Planning Board to reject URA’s application.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Central and Western Concern Group 中西區關注組 on June 19, 2017, with an end date of June 24, 2017.

We are heritage conservation and better urban planning advocacy group based in Central, Hong Kong.

The Central & Western Concern Group advocates good urban planning and better heritage conservation in Hong Kong and is specifically involved in information- giving to the public; organizing our own community initiatives and activities; meeting government officials; making strongly-researched submissions to government and statutory planning authorities; and, initiating applications to the Town Planning Board under the provisions of the Town Planning Ordinance.