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Protect our Promenade Negotiate for an All-Beneficial Plan

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A harbourfront area next to the Pet Garden on Hoi Yu Street, Quarry Bay is now under construction, where foundation works for a 25-stories tall (85.34 mPD) industrial building is in progress. As the area is a section which connects the Quarry Bay Promenade, the construction of this industrial building will bring below consequences:

  1. The 2003/04 government-planned promenade will be obstructed. The harbourfront scenery of Quarry Bay will be damaged, as the building will “stick out like a sore thumb”.
  2. Traffic on Hoi Yu Street, Hoi Chak Street, and nearby areas on King’s Road will be increased after building completion, resulting in higher risk to pedestrian safety and heavier air pollution.
  3. Unfavourable to community environment and residents’ use of the promenade.
  4. Policy loophole is exposed by this building’s development. Click [here] for more information.

The Quarry Bay Promenade is a public space favoured by residents, while the harbourfront area and the scenery have also become a precious and exclusive public asset to the intensely developed Eastern District of Hong Kong Island. When our current Chief Executive Mrs. Carrie Lam was Secretary for Development, she has once said that the government will do its best to preserve the harbourfront. We urge the government to fulfil its promise and discuss with the owner of the area under construction, in search for a balanced development plan with consideration for the promenade developments. Our concern group has appealed to the Legislative Council Members in Legislative Council Public Complaint Office on 13th November 2017. Members on duty were Mr. HUI Chi-fung, Mr. CHU Hoi-dick, and Mr. KWOK Wing-hang. This issue will be followed up in the Legislative Council with the Development Bureau.

In view of such, we, the Concern Group, invites you with sincerity to choose your most favoured development plan from the below 3 options, and join in the discussion to negotiate for a plan that benefits all three shareholders. Please click on “Sign Now”, and choose the favoured plan.

Petition Letter

To Secretary for Development,

The Concern Group invites you with sincerity to choose your most favoured development plan from the below 3 options, and join in the discussion to negotiate a plan that benefits all three shareholders.

  1. “Land Exchange Plan” – To urge the government to repossess the area by utilizing land resumption, land exchange, or other relevant ordinances, and merge the area into Quarry Bay Park for promenade development.
  2. “Free Path Plan” – To build the 25 stories tall industrial building, with the government requiring the property owner to keep an at least 6-meter-wide area on the harbourfront as public space. The public space must be open 24 hours a day as a walkway (similar to the Ground Plaza of HSBC Main Building in Central), to ensure that the promenade is connected.
  3. “Parallel Plan” – To suggest the government to provide incentives, which would motivate the property owner to limit the height of the building to 35 mPD, and aim the building for commercial development. The incentives should also encourage the property owner to build community facilities on the Crown Land connected, and to develop the promenade with the government as partners between the public and private sectors.

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