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Protect Cadogan Street Temporary Garden

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Our treasured Cadogan Street Temporary Garden (the “Park”) is scheduled to be demolished by the HK Government in the first quarter of 2016. We raised to the District Council requesting the Planning Department to extend the consultation period of the Kennedy Town West Land Use proposal (the “Plan”), and many councilors and residents have also expressed concern regarding the deficiencies of the Plan.

Given the voice of objection and the Plan has not yet obtained formal approval from the relevant authorities, Government’s going ahead to demolish the Park is an act of despise to the residents of Kennedy Town.

We are not opposing to development but can only accept a development plan that is welcome by the community and one that could bring forth long term benefit to the community. In fact, the current Plan to redevelop Kennedy Town West includes the construction of a primary school near where the Park is currently located, which we as a community welcome but believe the current Plan still leaves a lot to be desired. We would hence like to campaign for raising more awareness regarding this Plan in our community and request the Government to put off the demolition plan.

We are proposing the Park to be conserved as a permanent park next to the primary school scheduled to be built on the neighboring site next to where the Park is. Our bottom line is that any demolition work should not commence until there is an approval on the Plan.

All along this community lacks comprehensive planning. There are insufficient facilities such as recreational space, school, community hall, multi-purpose library, elderly homes, public clinic, etc. Existing roads are hitting their limits in terms of capacity due to new buildings and redevelopment of old buildings. There are also historical and cultural relics that deserve to be conserved, something we should protect for our next generation to treasure. As the Plan will bring in significantly more residents, a disregard on the aforementioned needs will only aggravate the current situation.

We hereby invite you to sign petition against the demolition of the Park and instead for conserving the Park next to the primary school to be built as part of the Plan. We also invite you to share your opinions regarding how Kennedy Town West should be redeveloped.

Petition Letter

To Director of Planning, Secretary for Home Affairs, Secretary for Development,

We, the undersigned, hereby petition to:

Conserve the Cadogan Street Temporary Park, make it permanent to link up with the future promenade to lead residents to the harbourfront seamlessly

Petition Creator

This petition was started by 守護「加園」聯盟 Protect Kennedy Town on December 3, 2015, with an end date of May 11, 2016.


A concern group initiated and formed by residents from Kennedy Town. It focuses on projects at Cadogan Street Temporary Garden and land planning in Kennedy Town.