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Various concern groups in the Central and Western District have been fighting for the whole area of Sai Wan Pier Berth 1-3 to be public open space. We have complained that the government wants to turn it into a community garden without proper public consultation, and ignoring public opinion. Our actions forced the Development Bureau (“DevB”) to revise their proposal. On 4 Jan 2018, the DevB put forward two revised proposals in the Central & Western District Council meeting. According to our previous survey in which you also participated, we have proposed a residents’ proposal as the third option. This residents’ proposal was tabled in the Harbourfront Commission Meeting on 23 Jan 2018, when the Chairman agreed that the DevB had not sufficiently engaged the public and had not designed the Pier area well. Now, we want to do one more survey and hope you can reply to us before 5 Mar 2018. The results will be reflected to the government, in fighting for the opening of Sai Wan Pier Berth 1-3, according to the needs of the residents.

Petition Letter

To Secretary for Development,

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1. DevB option A: to invite tenders from selected NPOs / social enterprises to manage the whole area of 7,500 sq m. About 2,000 sq m will be set up as a Leisure Farm and other ancillary facilities (the area closest to Shing Sai Road). The Leisure Farm will make reference to the model under the Kwun Tong Bypass, which is different from the community gardens run by the LCSD. Other than a Leisure Farm, it will provide diverse activities and accommodate multiple themes such as different outdoor activities, a stage, restaurants, kiosk or pop up store etc. The remaining 5,500 sq m will be opened up for public enjoyment after adding facilities like railings, lighting and chairs by the selected NPO / social enterprise. (According to the Central & Western District Council meeting document: https://goo.gl/2vPYw4)

2. DevB option B: to invite tenders from selected NPOs / social enterprises to manage the 2,000 sq m of Leisure Farm, the operating model being the same as option 1. The remaining 5,500 sq m will be managed by the government, and it will be opened up for public enjoyment after adding suitable facilities like railings, lighting and chairs to enhance the area as a promenade, including allowing different organisations to host public events. The design will make reference to other promenades designed by the government. (According to the Central & Western District Council meeting document: https://goo.gl/2vPYw4)

3. Win-win Residents’ option: This is a win-win option. It can preserve the Sai Wan Pier as multi-usage open space and continue to support different activities all the time such as family gatherings, taking in the beautiful views, jogging, cycling, dog walking etc. On the other hand, we suggest putting the community garden near residential buildings, making it easier for residents to take care of their plants and green the city, meeting the long-term needs of the residents, rather than the two options proposed by DevB, which are just for a short-term tenancy. Also, residents want basic facilities like drinking fountains, toilets, litter bins, chairs, more entrances and lighting. All these facilities can be provided by the government without tendering to any organization. We request the government to adopt a creative and flexible approach to manage the public open space, to avoid killing the uniqueness and character of this Sai Wan waterfront. (According to the speech of HFC on 23 Jan 2018: https://goo.gl/3Ujdkb) Also, there is no legal requirement to put railings at the waterfront. We recommend that putting a warning line and sign on the ground, supplemented with promotion, are already reasonable measures, while retaining the Pier’s character.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by 守護堅城 Protect Kennedy Town on February 27, 2018, with an end date of April 27, 2018.

Concern Group for Protecting Kennedy Town Initiated and formed by Kennedy Town residents, concerned about the Cadogan Street Temporary Garden being changed into private housing and the Kennedy Town West Land Use Project.