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Our request is to make restaurants stop selling the hump head wrasse.

402 Signatures Obtained, This Campaign Ended on January 1, 2016
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WWF, Ocean Park, CNCIS all state that the hump head wrasse is an endangered species.

This beautiful and endangered creature is on the verge of being extinct due to overfishing and it is considered a luxury food in many countries. The hump head wrasse is not only a beautiful and graceful fish but it is also helping the oceans by protecting our coral reefs. If you agree that something needs to be done, please sign this petition.

Petition Letter

To All restaurants in Hong Kong with the Hump Head Wrasse,

Dear all,

As you know, the hump head wrasse is an endangered animal. So our aim is to stop and help this issue. May you please sign this petition if you care about endangered animals

Yours sincerely, Hong Kong Academy, Endangered Species Group

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Hong Kong Academy, Endangered Species Group on March 18, 2014, with an end date of January 1, 2016.