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Opposition to sell Kwai Chung’s open space for luxury housing development

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The Development Bureau announced land sale programme on 23rd February, it included a site “Kwai Chung Lot No, 514” at Wah King Hill Road, Kwai Chung.

It is an area of 1.04 hectares. The currently land planning of the site is Open Space and Green Belt. The government intends to rezone it to Residential C, it will provide an estimated 240 to 620 units of private low-rise housing. Rezoning Open Space and Green Belt for luxury housing development will have an irreversible negative impact on the Kwai Chung area. Please sign and share this petition!

Petition Letter

To Secretary for Development,

I object to the Development Bureau to sell the “Kwai Chung Lot No. 514” for the following reasons:

1. According to the Planning Intention, Open Space is intended primarily for the provision of outdoor open-air public space for active and/or passive recreational uses serving the needs of local residents as well as the general public. It is extremely unwise to build low-density luxury homes on the lot.

2. A portion of the lot is Green Belt, the planning intention of urban Green Belt is primarily for the conservation of the existing natural environment amid the built-up areas/at the urban fringe, to safeguard it from encroachment by urban type development, and to provide additional outlets for passive recreational activities. There is a general presumption against development within this zone.

3. Sacrifice a public Open Space and Green Belt for low-density luxury homes is against good planning principles.

4. The site is full of vegetation, it should be preserve for the public enjoyment.

5. Hong Kong government should consider using brownfield sites, unused industrial sites and the like before using environmentally valuable areas.

6. Open space is a land use in its own right and should be protected and reserved for the district, not given over to luxury residential development.

7. Building luxury homes on Open Space and Green Belt, does not relieve Hong Kong’s housing demand.

8. This site zoning has not changed yet, Town Planning Board have not yet agreed on proposed rezoning. To include it in the Land Sale Programme, is ignoring the procedure justice.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by RAY LAW on May 11, 2017, with an end date of January 1, 2018.