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Oppose the conversion of Pui O wetland into a holiday camp

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Buffalos and construction waste on wetland
Declared Victory: September 04, 2020

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We oppose the planning application (No. A/SLC/161) in Pui O, South Lantau that converts a wetland at Coastal Protection Area to a holiday camp. We, Save Lantau Alliance, strongly urges each of you to submit an objection to the Town Planning Board prior to August 14, 2020 by signing this one-person-one-letter petition.

This wetland has high ecological value and serves as an important habitat for the buffalos. The planning application aiming to develop leisure activities and so-called eco-tourism does not align with the overarching principle ‘Development in the North, Conservation for the South’ in the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint. Should the Town Planning Board approve this application, a dangerous precedent will be set to further the degradation of ecologically important wetlands in South Lantau.

Petition Letter

To Town Planning Board,

I object to the application of A/SLC/161 for the following reasons,

1.The original intent of planning of Pui O coastal reserve is violated

The planning application violates the original intent of the planning of the Pui O coastal reserve which is to protect the beaches and hinterland and prevent land development in South Lantau. This wetland is not suitable for development and it is necessary to protect the coastal area from damaging development.

2. Holiday camp is not a necessary infrastructure for public interest

The development will destroy the beaches and hinterland, causing disorderly development and destruction of natural landscape on South Lantau.

3. The applicant has already destroyed the wetland prior to the approval of this planning application

At the end of 2017, the above lot was suddenly destroyed by landfilling, pond creation, and enclosing with short brick walls. The landowner claimed these activities were land rehabilitation and organic farming. The planning application was submitted after destruction and was rejected by Town Planning Board. Regrettably, the wetland has already been destroyed and occupied by cargo containers.

4. Pui O wetland is classified as highly ecologically important

The Sustainable Lantau Office conducted a 12-month ecological study in the three areas of South Lantau in March 2018, including the Pui O wetland. The results indicated Pui O wetland is highly ecologically important. This planning application if approved will destroy the wetland and affect the ecological value of Pui O.

5. There is no authority monitors the planning of South Lantau

Currently there is no authority that closely monitors the planning of South Lantau. Approving illegal developments will set a bad precedent. The Town Planning Board must plug the loopholes and stop vandalism.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by 守護大嶼聯盟 Save Lantau Alliance on August 10, 2020, with an end date of August 15, 2020.

Save Lantau Alliance was established in early 2014, with the aims of conserving the environment and facilitating effective management and land planning in Lantau. It reveals the underlying truth of urban development plans for Lantau Island and takes actions to show objection.