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Oppose luxury housing development in Nam San Wai (Y/YL-NSW/4)

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Nam Sang Wai is not merely one of the most important wetlands in Hong Kong, but also a stopover site for various species of migratory birds.

To develop 57 blocks of 4-storey residential houses in Nam Sang Wai would severely damage this lovely habitat, while the destruction was done is irreversible. Thus we should stand up against the development plan.

Petition Letter

To Town Planning Board,

I am writing to object to the proposed development of Application no. Y/YL-NSW/4.

1. The proposed site is near a 7-hectare engineered wetland, it is to compensate for the loss of fishponds and farmlands and to provide a habitat for birds, frogs, bats and dragonflies. A bamboo grove was also planted to the south of the wetland to attract egrets. The development brings negative impact to the ecological environment.

2. The approval of the development plan encourages property developers to change the land use. It involves changing the fish ponds and agricultural lands for commercial use. The government should exert in conserving agriculture land and fishery.

3. To protect the natural environment is a Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate should always strike a balance between profit-making and public interest, to develop in Nam Sang Wai solely for commercial purpose damage the bonding between human and natural environment.

4. Some developers possess a large number of lands in Nam Sang Wai, split them into multi development plans is its attempt to divert the attention of Town Planning Board on the fact of potential accumulated impact. The approval would only be beneficial to the remaining proceeding development plan, like a shopping mall and other affiliated facilities, and increase the probability of developing the land for residential or commercial use.

5. In the past, there was a large-scale development plan which was rejected by the Town Planning Board because the Planning Department considered that the scale of development was too large and failed to achieve the development principle of “no net loss of wetlands” and failed to show the existing fishing pond Or wetland function. This proposed development is close to the engineered wetland, if this proposal is approved, it will set a bad precedent.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Kay To on September 6, 2017, with an end date of September 9, 2017.