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No taxpayer funding for Remodel

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Declared Victory: November 16, 2015

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There were two rain shelters in front of 991 King’s Road in March 2014. Nevertheless, due to the massive size of the bases of the rain shelters and also the road was deemed too narrow for its purpose, the district councilor therefore suggested to relocate the shelters to Hoi Tai Street, where vehicular traffic was less busy.

In February 2015, the district councilor suggested to enhance the rain shelters by adding seats under the shelters. In fact, the citizens have already been skeptical about the actual function of the rain shelters for a long period of time already. Even though the rain shelters have been ‘enhanced’’ by adding seats, the number of citizens who could be benefited by it would only be limited. The rain shelters can actually be described as ‘dysfunctional’.

Please sign and request the Home Affairs Department to stop the remodeling action and to consult the citizens about how to deal with the removed rain shelters immediately.

Petition Letter

To Secretary for Home Affairs, District Officer (Eastern),

We call on the Eastern District Officer Ms Anne TENG, JP and the DAB’s Eastern District Councilor Eddie Ting to:

1. Stop the remodeling work immediately
2. Not discard the two rain shelters
3. Consult the opinion of the citizens about how to deal with the removed rain shelters

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Lohas Quarry Bay on June 25, 2015, with an end date of December 29, 2015.