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Demand HK Government to Reduce Waste at Source

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Over the past 30 years, Hong Kong’s municipal solid waste disposal rate has increased 80%, while our population has only increased by 36% in the same period.

Before the government decides to go forward with landfill expansion and incinerator construction, we request the government to pledge to reduce waste and assure the public they will not slack off on the progress of waste reduction at source by relying on end-of-pipe treatment facilities.

Initiating Groups:Conservancy AssociationFriends of the Earth (HK)Greeners ActionGreen Power

Petition Letter

To Secretary for the Environment,

We demand the government to pledge the following measures in order to show to the public its determination to reduce waste at source:

(1) To fully implement MSW charging scheme before or by 2016 – and regularly review charge rates – to meet the “Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources” (Action Blueprint) 40% waste reduction target. It must also carry out pilot MSW charging programmes as soon as possible to prepare for full-scale implementation;

(2) To set a clear timetable to gradually expand the producer responsibility scheme to include plastic containers, packaging materials, beverage containers, rubber tires, lumber and all types of batteries before or by 2018;

(3) To immediately start the review of the construction waste disposal charging scheme by raising the charge rates and improving the trip-ticket system, through the use of an online real-time barcode process, to instantaneously confirm construction waste has reached the landfill or public fill to reduce illegal landfill dumping. This should be accompanied by increasing the penalty to serve as a deterrent;

(4) To ensure sorted recyclables do not end up in landfills, and to that end, develop the industry chain for the local environmental industries, announce the details for the Recycling Fund, and create long-term, comprehensive support programs for the recycling industry before or by 2018;

(5) To implement a landfill ban on commercial food waste, glass, paper, plastic and other recyclables from being sent to the landfills before or by 2018, and expand the ban to include household food waste before or by 2022;

(6) To publicise and review the progress of the Action Blueprint and effectiveness of waste reduction efforts annually, and the application for landfill expansion must be separated into phases. If waste reduction efforts are insufficient, the government cannot continue with its landfill expansion.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by Yeung Frances on May 9, 2014, with an end date of December 31, 2014.