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Demand for clarifications: Hong Kong Wetland being destructed for a “Peace Garden”, under the name of UNESCO

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A large construction site was found in Pak Lap, right next to Sai Kung East Country Park, in August this year. Pieces of precious seasonal wetland were leveled, filled with sand and covered by turf. The Conservancy Association, a local green group, found that there will be a launch event of “Peace Garden” on 21st September 2017, hosted by Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development (HKIESD), which may be related to the construction site. However, the development plan of the construction has not yet been submitted to Hong Kong government as legally required.

As introduced in the publicity materials of “Peace Garden”, a preparation committee for the garden was set up in May this year, shortly after a visit of Tao Xi Ping, chairperson of Chinese National Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations (CNFUCA), to Hong Kong. The advisory panel of the preparation committee includes Chairpersons of HKIESD, CNFUCA, UNESCO Hong Kong Association, and Tuenbo Group Ltd., a development company and a big landlord in Pak Lap.

Tuenbo Group Ltd. has been buying in the leveled land in Pak Lap in recent years through a subsidiary company, Master Mind Development Ltd., with attempts to change the land use to “village type development”, which will allow the landowner to build villa houses. It was the public voices that stopped the change of land use. As shown on the website of Tuenbo, the company owns 460,000 square feet of land in Pak Lap and plans to build educational and vocational facilities with 80 rooms.

The “Peace Garden” and the bodies behind promoted themselves as supporters of “sustainable development”, but what they are doing “destroys nature for development”, and “destroys without permit”. These are just the opposite of the principles of “sustainable development” held by UNESCO.

Petition Letter

To UNESCO Hong Kong Association,

We hereby demand clarifications from UNESCO on the following:

  1. Is UNESCO Hong Kong Association a member of UNESCO? Is it entitled to the use of the name and logo of UNESCO in promotions?
  2. Is UNESCO in support of the above stated “sustainable development” construction plan, in the cost of precious wetlands in Hong Kong? If UNESCO is not one of the parties constructing the ” Peace Park”, and not in partnership nor cooperation with the bodies involved, please clarify and take legal actions accordingly, for the sake of the organization’s reputation.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by 土地正義聯盟 on September 6, 2017, with an end date of November 6, 2017.


我們呼籲全港市民為己為人,爭取土地公義、打倒地產霸權、重建尊嚴生活,開展一場改寫香港歷史的土地運動。 為此,我們宣佈成立土地正義聯盟,發動全民向破壞土地、戕害香港的官、商、士、紳勾結勢力宣戰。