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Be a green voters. Say no to LegCo election promotional leaflets.

303 Signatures Obtained, This Campaign Ended on October 23, 2016

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Whenever the Legislative Council General Election is held, voters will receive various promotional leaflets from candidates. As the number of voters increases each year, that means candidates produce more of these promotional leaflets as well. But do we need these leaflets when we can learn about the candidates via email and social media platforms?

In fact, email has become a widely used tool for candidates to promote themselves in recent years. So why are voters bombarded with unnecessary leaflets? Can voters opt out of receiving them in order to save our city from the paper waste? Can voters then opt in of receiving promotional emails instead?

Petition Letter

To Chief Electoral Officer,

Do you know that as the number of votes increases every year, the number of promotional leaflets also increases? Have you noticed that these leaflets ended up being dumped and became waste? We believe you can help stop producing this unnecessary waste. Here are our suggestions for you and your department:

  • To include opt-in/out options in the Voter Registration Form to allow votes to decline receiving candidates’ promotional leaflets by mail or to to receive candidate promotional details by email only.
  • To allow registered voters to make request either online or by paper to receiving candidates’ promotional details by email only.
  • To create a database for voters who opt out of receiving promotional leaflets.

Petition Creator

This petition was started by 綠惜地球 The Green Earth on August 25, 2016, with an end date of October 23, 2016.

現今過度虛耗資源的生活形態,可能給我們短暫滿足,長遠卻帶來環境敗壞。垃圾圍城、氣候變化、健康風險….. 我們真的只追求眼前物欲,不為自己的未來和下一代著想?



The Green Earth was established in Feb 2016. It is a locally registered charitable organization.