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Dear friends,

A new petition has been uploaded to SupportHK! Designing Hong Kong stand to request the government to abolish the Small House Policy. The countryside of Hong Kong is now facing unnecessary exploitation due to the rebuilding of small houses by New Territories villagers, in villages that are mostly empty and overgrown by plantations. The Small House Policy is being abused, as the original aim of improving the prevailing low standard of living in the rural areas of the New Territories is no longer the apparent aim in the rebuilding of small houses. HKSAR Chief Executive C.Y.Leung pledged during his election campaign on 9 December 2012 that “something will have to be done about the Small House Policy”, yet nothing has been done still. “Small houses are the most environmentally damaging form of development in Hong Kong because the reality is that they are virtually unregulated,”said Designing Hong Kong.

Abolish Small House Policy – Petition Organiser: Designing Hong Kong

The Small House Policy is now out of control and is the cause of widespread abuse and illegality. There is such pressure by villagers and developers that the villages are crammed wall to wall without planned access roads, sewage, drainage or public amenities. The construction of these houses (hardly any of which will be occupied) will cause massive environmental damage and ruin the enjoyment of Country Parks by genuine residents and visitors alike. Small houses are the most environmentally damaging form of development in Hong Kong because they are virtually unregulated. If you treasure the green space in Hong Kong, please sign the petition.

Strive for Sustainable Development Protect the Tai Po Lo Fai Rd Green Belt – Petition Organiser: LFR Green Belt Concern Group

Today is the last day of the Town Planning Board’s public consultation on the development of Tai Po Lo Fai Road Green Belt and our last chance to protect this green space. The petition of “Strive for Sustainable Development Protect the Taipo Lo Fai Rd Green Belt” was launched on May 14th, 2014. The original goal of 1000 signatures was reached within one month and is now still growing after reaching the total of 1410 signatures. This shows the focused concern on the issue and reveals the care of residence and others for green spaces in Hong Kong. If you share the same concerns, please continue to spread the message and help the petition organiser gather more signatures to protect the green space in Hong Kong.