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New Petition – Strive For Sustainable Development Protect The Taipo Lo Fai Rd Green Belt

A new petition has been uploaded to SupportHK! Government proposed to rezone 4.1 hectares of Lo Fai Road Green Belt for private housing. Early this year, CY Leung pledged that this administration would rezone green belts that were de-vegetated or deserted for housing development, yet the Lo Fai Road green belt is a plantation woodland dominated by trees. “The green belt has a valuable role in providing a green lung around our area and ensures conservation of nature.” said the Lo Fai Road Green Belt Concern Group.

Strive for Sustainable Development Protect the Tai Po’s Lo Fai Road Green Belt – Petition Organiser: LFR Green Belt Concern Group

The Town Planning Board commenced procedure to rezone 7 parcels of land in Tai Po from Green Belt (GB) to Residential use, and this, together with areas to be rezoned in other districts, is the first ever exercise of this nature carried out in Hong Kong. The Lo Fai Road GB will be one of the first to be effected if these proposals go ahead as it is contained in the Land Sales Program for 2014/15. It will be split into two lots and provide an estimated 660 units of private low-rise housing. The Petition organiser requests the Town Planning Board reject this rezoning request and retain the Lo Fai Road GB area.