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New Petition – Demand HK Government To Reduce Waste At Source

A new petition has been uploaded to SupportHK this week! Let’s Demand Waste Reduction at the source.

Demand HK Government to Reduce Waste at Source – Petition Organiser: Conservancy Association, Friends of the Earth (HK), Greeners Action, Green Power.

Over the past 30 years, Hong Kong’s municipal solid waste disposal rate has increased 80%, while our population has only increased by 36% in the same period. Before the government decides to go forward with landfill expansion and incinerator construction, we request the government to pledge to reduce waste and assure the public they will not slack off on the progress of waste reduction at source by relying on end-of-pipe treatment facilities. Petition organisers demand the government to pledge the following measures in order to show to the public its determination to reduce waste at source.