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July 1 March + New Petition + Updates

Dear friends,

Exciting news, SupportHK-ers! On the 1st of July, SupportHK will be manning its own booth on Hennessy Road, across Johnston Road outside the Chinese Methodist Church. Pop by, meet Support HK and sign a petition for an environmental cause of concern to you. For an update on existing petitions and to see new petitions, see the latest petition below on the site as the focus on Hong Kong’s waste problem continues. Please check it out below!

New petition:

Persuade our Legislators to reject proposals for a GIANT Incinerator, and Save Shek Kwu Chau – Petition Organiser: Living Islands Movement

Wong Kam-sing, Secretary of Environment Bureau said the Shek Kwu Chau incinerator proposal was the only option to tackle Hong Kong’s waste issue. But the petition organisers believe this is not what we need. Instead they suggest Hong Kong needs a coherently structured sustainable waste management strategy, with effective measures for reducing, recovering and recycling more of our waste!

Recent Petition updates:

Demand HK Government to Reduce Waste at Source – Petition Organiser: Green Power, Friends of the Earth, Greeners Action, Conservancy Association.

While the funding request for the incinerator will reach LegCo’s Finance Committee very soon, critics say not enough has been done to reduce waste and increase recycling. The government needs to put more emphasis in solving our waste issue at its source by educating the public to reduce waste. The petition has almost reached its milestone of 500 signatures.

On-site conservation for Sacred Hill historical site – Petition Organiser: Sacred Hill Savers.

The petition organiser has been constantly fighting to preserve Sacred Hill’s heritage, which is under the threat of the MTR’s construction. The petition organiser has carried out a series of actions including, filing complaints against the Development Bureau with the LegCo, protesting outside of the LegCo Complex and occupying the To Kwa Wan station construction site. As the bureau continues to turn a blind eye, the Sacred Hill Savers urge everyone to sign the petition and protect Hong Kong’s heritage.

Strive for Sustainable Development Protect the Tai Po Lo Fai Rd Green Belt – Petition Organiser: Lo Fai Road Greenbelt Concern Group.

The petition received more than 1400 signatures, significantly exceeding its target of 1000. Petition organisers hand-delivered the petition to the Town Planning Board. However there has still been no concrete government response. Concern Group will continue to closely monitor the Green Belt, so keep signing the petition to show your support!

Abolish Small House Policy – Petition Organiser: Designing Hong Kong.

A declassified Home Affairs Department (HAD) internal report written 32 years ago reviewed that the British Hong Kong Government knew that the Small House Policy (SHP) was being abused as early as the 1980s. The Small Houses are now expanding in Hong Kong’s country parks. They are the most environmentally damaging form of development. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment. Please sign for the Abolishment of the Small House Policy.