How to Promote Your Petition

Below are the most effective ways of sharing your petition and recruiting supporters. They’re simple, but powerful.


Tell your family and friends about your cause and why their support is important. Email gives you the room to tell the whole story with as many details as you want.

Bear in mind that emailing someone that you don’t know well or don’t know at all will make your email look like spam.

Social Networks:

Social networks enable you to share your petition with people you know, and then they can share it with people that they know.

FACEBOOK. Post your petition on your Facebook wall and ask people to like your post. The more likes you get, the more likely the post will appear in their news feeds.
Create a Facebook page for your petition, asking people to sign and share. Remember to update!
If your petition target has a Facebook page, ‘like’ their page and tag them in your posts.

TWITTER. Use user handles, trending and topical hashtags # to allow your target and people with similar interests to notice your tweets.
A @Mention tag allows more people see your tweet, while a @Reply tag doesn’t. Always tag @name of your petition target in the middle of the post but not the beginning. If you need to start off with tagging a name, add a “[email protected]” in front of the user handle.
#Hashtag allows people to see your tweets without following you.
Use #Hashtags that are already used / followed by others if you want to spread the word. So do your homework!
Ask your friends to retweet you.

Go An Extra Mile

Spend time on your social networks and find out what issues your friends are talking/ posting/ sharing/ tweeting about.
Posting a link with a personal message in the comment section may prompt response and support.
Post to your blog if you have one and guest post on your friend’s blog.
Posting the link of your petition in the comments section might lead people your way.
Do topic searches in web forums and reach out to people who are on the lists that you are subscribed to. You’ll be surprised how many like-minded people out there are waiting for your ‘nudge’.

Reach out to relevant bloggers and Google groups: you need them to break the news and spread the words. The beauty is that most blogs and groups are linked to other relevant blogs and groups, and so it goes on.
Most bloggers prefer personal messages / emails than a press release. Be ready to build a relationship!

Reach out to community groups or non-profit organizations as they might be happy to support your petition and take it further.

Stay Focused
You can always improve your petition while gathering signatures and while others are sharing it. You can always find ways to make your petition more shareable, e.g. improving the title, posting a better image or video etc.

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