How to Organize Events

Sometimes gathering support online is just the beginning of your campaign, but you may want to consider organising offline events to capture a wider audience and to raise the profile of your campaign in the media. It can also motivate others to start their own campaign that could benefit your cause.

Here’s how you can organise an offline event for your petition:

Plan well. Pick a date and a venue. Consider who you should target. Who you should invite to participate? What are the logistics to make the event happen in a timely and sensible manner?

Invite your supporters and the press to join and witness/ document the event. Write a press release and send to media outlets and reporters who have covered similar subject matter.

Send a reminder to both the participants and media representatives who have RSVP-ed.

Brief the participants on what you need them to do.

Capture images of your event and use them to update your supporters and the media.

Follow up after the event. Update your petition page and social platforms. Thank all those who participated.
Here are some event ideas:

  1. Organise a team to gather signatures in public places. Make sure you have copies of the petition and images on hand to help explain about the issue.
  2. Talk to schools and educate children about the issue and the subject area as a whole.
  3. Organise a flash mob on the street to raise awareness for your cause.
  4. Organise a public meeting or public procession. The organiser will need to notify the Commissioner of Police if the number of participants of a public meeting exceeds 50 persons (30 for a public procession), no less than 7 days in advance. Please visit here for more details.

Most importantly, be creative!

If you wish to discuss any ideas, feel free to contact us.

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