How to Deliver Your Petition

All you need for this to happen is a team, a petition target and a copy of your petition.
Your team should include individuals who you trust and can rely on when handling your campaign. They can spread the word, handle logistics, provide support on the day of delivery, and assist the media in taking photos.

Have a discussion with your team about what the purpose of your delivery is. Is it to create a media story? Is it to have a formal meeting with the target? Once you’ve established this, you will then need to figure out when and how to do it.
Here are some petition delivery event ideas:

A scheduled meeting with your petition target: this is rational. You can provide your target with the agenda and rundown of the event beforehand.

A scheduled public event: Delivering your petition at events relating to your cause may put pressure on your target. Make sure you don’t disrupt the event though.

If you’ve been having trouble reaching your target, you can deliver your petition to them at an event where you know they will be attending; for example, a LegCo meeting. You can deliver your petition while your target is walking along the sidewalk. Do this right and it can be very powerful. You need to decide when to deliver and make sure you don’t break the law. If the security guard asks you to leave, you need to leave without making a scene.

If you cannot deliver your petition to the target by ways of above, you may consider delivering to their office together with a press conference. Plan it out properly with an agenda, who will be speaking and confirm media.

Make sure you have an agenda and brief for your media attendees.

Your delivery needs to catch the attention of the media. We recommend printing your petition letter while saving all the signatures and petition files on a USB or disc. Your delivery should look interesting when it’s framed in a photo!

A banner with all the signatures printed on it can be a good visual anchor. Try to be creative in making your props.

Plan an agenda that will make your group look professional and organized to both your petition target and the media.

Alert the media. Give them enough lead-time and let them know your rundown and agenda.

Prepare for both positive and negative responses that you may have from your target.  What if she/he proposes an alternative? What if she/he rejects to accept your petition? What if she/he does not appear?

Take photos of the event and use them as updates or follow up with the media.

Debrief with your team after the event. Discuss what the next steps are and what lessons were learnt. Keep the momentum going!

Feel free to contact us and discuss any of the above.

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