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How Can You Support The Ivory Trade Ban

We need your help again to save elephants. The simple aim of the game right now is for the Hong Kong government to receive more letters of support from elephant lovers, than from the ivory traders and their supporters.

Please kindly take a moment of your time to write a single paragraph e-mail that includes the three points below and then send it to this e-mail address:- panel_ea@legco.gov.hk

1. I SUPPORT the Hong Kong government’s ivory ban.
2. I SUPPORT the Hong Kong government’s proposed increase in penalties for wildlife crime.
3. I OPPOSE the Hong Kong government paying compensation to the Hong Kong ivory traders for their ivory stocks.

If you would like to qualify these statements, or provide your own unique insights or reasons why, that’s also fine. But it can really be just a very simple one paragraph e-mail covering the three points above, but no copying and pasting as, for example, ten identical e-mails get treated by the government as one e-mail.