Weekly News Digest 31 August

Date: 06 September 2015

The following are the key stories concerning environmental issues in Hong Kong for the week 31 August - 6 September.

On wildlife conservation:

Man held after wild boars killed

Two wild boars were found dead in Kowloon Reservoir. A man was arrested for allegedly killing the wild boars and another two suspects are now on the run.

Decomposing whale shark five metres long found off Cheung Chau in Hong Kong with nylon rope around its tail

A nylon rope may have caused the death of a 5-meter long whale shark whose carcass was found near Cheung Chau island.

On animal welfare:

Catnapped! Charges dropped against man who stole blind cat from a bookstore

On 4 September, the prosecution withdrew charges against a 20-year-old man who faced charges for allegedly stealing a cat from a bookstore.

Animal group controversially invites kids to crawl inside pet cages to learn about bad breeders

Photos of young children in cages has sparked controversy, a local animal group Non-Profit Making Veterinary Clinic (NPV) has literally asked children spent time in cages without parental consent.