Only Genuine Actions Will Lead Us To Plastic-Free. Leading Confectionery Brands Should Act Immediately
Install AQHI displays in public sports grounds
Keep the BBC World Service on RTHK 24hrs/day
Have specific time bound goals for increasing renewable energy sources.
Ban the distribution of Umbrella plastic bags
Be the Change; Keep our Hiking Trails Clean; Take Your Litter Home
Promptly improve Hong Kong recycling
Implement legislation to curb the use of disposable plastic items
Legislate Ting Kok as Marine Reserve
Call Actions for Air Pollution in Hong Kong
Say no to overdevelopment in Shap Sz Heung
Respect the Land Value for Sustainable Development
Reduce cabin waste at source
Provide vegan / vegetarian options in chain restaurants
Promote the Usage of Electric Buses
Stop selling shark fin soup!
Urge the government to follow its original timeline to phase out pre-Euro IV vehicles and to not give into the pressures
Know your puppy’s background – insist on visiting the breeder!
Join us in holding a Public Transport Day!
Strive for Sustainable Development Protect the Taipo Lo Fai Rd Green Belt
Demand HK Government to Reduce Waste at Source
Our request is to make restaurants stop selling the hump head wrasse.
Legislate a ban on the sale and possession of shark fin in Hong Kong
Remove all rhino horn and ivory from government venues
Abolish Small House Policy
Stop wrapping herbs, vegetables, fruit and household items in plastic and styrofoam
Request for food-recycling policy in public markets
Stop McDonalds from bagging to go drinks in a bag
Ban plastic microbeads in personal care products in Hong Kong
Implement laws on refundable deposit on plastic drink containers
Cathay Pacific: Stop carrying shark fin cargo NOW
Increase PSB Levy to 1 dollar
Stop Fluoridation of Our Water Supply
Be a green voters. Say no to LegCo election promotional leaflets.
[4R20] Achieving 4% Renewables by 2020
Call on supermarkets and convenience stores to fit doors to open grocery fridges
Establish beverage carton recycling policy
Stop giving out plastic bags for take-away drinks
Maxim’s Restaurants: STOP selling shark fin soup on set menus!
Shell Gas Stations install water dispensers
Tighten up the Air Quality Objectives