Declare Victory

Declaring victory means you’ve accomplished your quest. It means that you have rallied plenty of support from individuals who all support your cause or share your concerns, and you have been able to create the change you petition set out to achieve; if not, at least, a promise of change from your petition target.

Declaring victory also inspires individuals who share the same passion to start their own campaign. It holds decision makers accountable for their promises and actions.

Do consider the following before you decide to declare victory:

Has my petition reach its signature goal?

Has my petition target done what I’ve asked them to do?

If not, have they promised any changes?

Are there any dates or events coming up where my campaign will be re-energised?

When you decide to declare victory, you need to close the petition, and then notify your supporters. You may want to inform the media or reporters who you have contacted and who have covered your campaign in the past.

Update your petition page and social media platforms.

Email those who you invited to support your campaign.

You may want to document the change (if possible) in a video or simply make a thank you video to thank everyone who has helped. Be sure to share your video on your petition page and social media platforms!