Community Guidelines is an open platform, as well as a community, where individuals can express their concerns and support one another. It is designed to motivate individuals to take action and make positive changes for our environment.

We would really appreciate you to:

  • be friendly
  • respect different cultures and opinions
  • respect the freedom of speech
  • be open to tell a personal story
  • be open to others’ opinions and the potential to have disagreements
  • make practical decisions in terms of who should be your target and set achievable goals
  • mobilise your family and friends
  • keep updating your supporters (not just good news! Bad news sometimes can motivate others more)

Since encourages a friendly community, we reserve the right to remove any content (personal accounts, petitions, text, images, or videos) if it contains any of the following:

  • hate speech
  • violence
  • impersonation
  • privacy violation
  • bullying
  • violent and sexually explicit graphics
  • spam
  • harm to children
  • illegal activities

Report problems!
We appreciate your help in reporting violations of the above as this platform continues to grow. Contact us if you see anything inappropriate. We will review it immediately and take action accordingly.