[August] Keep Up With The Local Environmental News

1.【 Just ‘limited’ reclamation… 】Over the last two decades, Victoria Harbour has been protected from reclamation under the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance. The proposed amendment suggests reclamation shall be allowed in some parts of the harbour for developing transport facilities. However, past reclamations reduced the area of the harbour, which holds a significant place in our community. If the amendment passes, how can we ensure only limited reclamation? [More details]

2.【 Land-sharing Pilot Scheme 】A developer acquired the permit in February for developing Nam Sang Wai, Yuen Long. In less than 6 months, another developer submitted an application to the Development Bureau for developing eight 25 storey residential buildings on another site in Nam Sang Wai. Green group was concerned that the Land-sharing Pilot Scheme would be a precedent for developing our wetlands. Not only it destroys bird habitat, but it may also affect bird’s judgement and probably increases strikes to buildings. [More details] 

3.【 Develop Wetland Buffer Area 】The development area in the Wetland Buffer Area (WBA) is low, ranging from 0.4 to less than 1 fold. The Government is studying how to minimise the impact of development on the area. [More details] 

4.【 Overpackaging? Nevermind… 】The pandemic has seen a rise in online orders. Green Sense urges the Government to manage the packaging of online orders and implement a producer responsibility scheme to reduce waste at source. Their survey reveals the low public awareness of overpackaging, suggesting the public have possibly got used to it. [More details] 

5.【 Buy ONLY if you can finish it 】22% of respondents from a survey are likely to spend more on mooncake this year due to consumption vouchers. Local groups are concerned that more mooncakes will go to waste this year compared to last year. They suggested three ways to reduce food waste: 1. Understand your friend’s preference on mooncake before purchasing; 2. Replace mooncake with fruit; 3. Share extra mooncakes with people in need before the Mid-autumn Festival so they can enjoy the festive moment. [More details]