Hong Kong`s environmental petition platform

Announcing the Launch of SupportHK 2.0

Thanks to all of you for supporting us since our launch in 2013. In order to keep ourselves up-to-date with a fast-changing digital media world and to offer a better user experience, our team has been working hard to revamp the site. Today, we proudly announce the launch of SupportHK 2.0 – with a fresh and stronger design for a growing community of people who care for our environment and want to see change, like you!

New features – the site has several new features including a regular blog, live environmental news feed from English and Chinese media and a weekly News Digest to keep you all informed about our urban and rural environment. The site is also a home to the ‘Silent Majority’, a new comic strip providing a fun and satirical view of environmental issues in HK.

New interface – SupportHK 2.0 offers users an-easier-to-navigate interface. You can start petitions in just three simple steps They can also browse petitions by category then type in their names and email addresses in order to show support.

New video – A short animated video has been uploaded on our homepage to explain the mission of SupportHK and how individuals and organisations can speak up for the environment and contribute to positive change.

We invite you discover more by visiting our new website today. We hope you will continue supporting us by staying in touch and telling your family and friends about SupportHK!