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Make State Theatre a Grade 1 historic building


Secretary for Development,

An internationally unique piece of architecture, the former State Theatre (built 1952) in North Point recalls the heyday of Hong Kong cinema and holds precious collective memories from post-war Hong Kong.
However, in a serious underestimation of the heritage significance of this true Hong Kong treasure, the Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) proposed in April 2016 to give a Grade 3 – the lowest classification in the local heritage grading system for historic buildings – to the theatre. Your support for the protection of State Theatre is now needed as it faces demolition.

The grading of all historic buildings in Hong Kong begins with a ‘scoring exercise’ by a five-member AMO assessment panel. But a report by RTHK’s This Morning programme in late May revealed that some of the panel experts rank different historic buildings simply by age, while dismissing the importance of social value and collective memories, as well as the value of Modern Movement architecture like State Theatre. These problems show that the official assessment mechanism and criteria for historic buildings in Hong Kong are both outdated and at odds with public expectations.
Further, when asked to justify the low proposed grade for State Theatre, AMO unconvincingly explained that it was mainly due to what they claimed to be the rather large extent of alterations inside the theatre. Yet, AMO subsequently conceded that they in fact did not have a full picture of what internal alterations might have been made to the theatre. In July, a site inspection by cultural heritage group Walk in Hong Kong found that the original internal structure of the building, as well as the former theatre space itself, have all been kept. These major factual discrepancies show that AMO’s assessment is not only unprofessional, but that it is also a case of maladministration.
The grading of historic buildings is a serious matter, for it decides the fate of heritage that belongs to seven million Hong Kong people. It is expected that the Antiquities Advisory Board (AAB) will make a decision about the grading of State Theatre at their next meeting in December. Your support is now needed to prevent this Hong Kong landmark from disappearing, so that it could be given a chance of a new life.

1. Sign a joint petition to the AAB, asking it to make State Theatre a Grade 1 historic building, so that it could be given a chance of a new life.
2. Volunteer with us. We need support with graphic design, research and history interviews, as well as to set up a ‘shadow AMO’. If you’re interested, please email: [email protected] [email subject: State Theatre project] 3. Share your State Theatre stories, photographs or memorabilia with us. Please email: [email protected]
Act now! Let’s petition the AAB to make State Theatre a Grade 1 historic building!

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To Secretary for Development,

Antiquities and Monuments Office Executive Secretary Ms Susanna SiuAll Antiquities Advisory Board membersSecretary for Development Mr Paul Chan Mo-po
I call on:

1. The Antiquities Advisory Board to make State Theatre a Grade 1 historic building
State Theatre is an internationally unique piece of architecture because of the exposed reinforced concrete roof trusses that soar over the building, which make it an imposing urban landmark. The theatre has retained a good degree of authenticity internally despite its conversion to a snooker club in 2000 – the original internal structure and the former theatre space have all been kept. This precious symbol of the most popular form of post-war mass entertainment recalls the heyday of Hong Kong cinema, and it also serves as a rare reminder of North Point’s “Little Shanghai” in the 1950s and early 1960s. The heritage significance of State Theatre should be duly recognised and protected.

2. The Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) to review the heritage grading system of Hong Kong’s historic buildings
Throughout the controversy over the grading of State Theatre, the AMO’s assessment panel has failed to convince the public that it has the requisite specialist knowledge in such areas as post-war architecture, cinema/theatre architecture and the history of Hong Kong cinema to carry out a fair appraisal of the building. The AMO should reform the assessment panel, which now only has five members, by bringing in more experts from different specialist areas. It should also recognise the fact that different experts will be required depending on the nature of different buildings. Moreover, the AMO should increase transparency of their decisions by giving the public clearer and more detailed definitions of the assessment criteria they follow when grading historic buildings.

Further information:

Joint statement by Walk in Hong Kong, The Conservancy Association and Docomomo HK to the Antiquities Advisory Board on State Theatre, 15/4/2016
Heritage Value Assessment of the Former State Theatre (in Chinese), 15/4/2016…
Docomomo International – Under Threat: State Theatre in Hong Kong by G.W. Grey, S.F. Liu, Hong Kong, 1952, 23/3/2016
SCMP – Hong Kong antiquities body defers decision on historic status of State Theatre Building, 18/4/2016…
Hong Kong Free Press – Heritage and architecture group demand preservation of historic State Theatre in North Point, 16/4/2016…
The Hollywood Reporter – Inside the Fight to Save Hong Kong’s Last Movie Palace, 14/3/2016
RTHK’s This Morning programme – Investigation into the grading of State Theatre (in Chinese), 3/6/2016


【古物評級的疑惑】【足本有得睇啦】手記:4月18日,古蹟辦建議舊皇都戲院評為三級歷史建築,屬最低評級。《早辰‧早晨》當日節目現場訪問了#活現香港創辦人 #陳智遠他當時提到:這個建議評級從何而來?評審準則是甚麼?為拆解這些疑問,我們以公開資料守則向古蹟辦索取評估資料,發現原來負責評審的專家小組鮮有露面,也甚少公開交代評審理據,評審過程也是閉門進行。四名專家原來每次評審只會開一至兩次會議,參考一下古蹟辦秘書處提供的背景資料和相片,交換一下意見,就在評分紙上寫下分數,過程中專家們不會到歷史建築現場視察。至於多少分數屬於多少建議評級,原來也沒有劃一標準,由古蹟辦秘書處協調各專家分數而定。那專家們的看法究竟是怎樣?標準是甚麼?我們邀請到其中兩位專家訪問,分別是歷史學者 #蕭國健 和資深建築師 #羅慶鴻。當民間提出舊皇都是北角地標,蕭國健博士會說:「那舊皇都只影響北角,香港九龍新界呢?那只是地區價值,不是社會價值。而且全港有多少人看電影?」又當民間提出舊皇都的飛拱型屋頂設計獨一無二,羅慶鴻建築師會說:「任何東西也是獨一無二,舊皇都的結構其實很普通」專家看法與民間相距甚大,究竟是民間標準太低,還是評審準則過時,或許是時候檢討了?#舊皇都戲院 #StateTheatre #保育 #歷史建築Chi-yuen Chan 陳智遠﹣遠行 Walk In Hong Kong 活現香港

Posted by 早辰.早晨 on Friday, 3 June 2016

Ming Pao – Report on Walk in Hong Kong’s site inspection of State Theatre, 17/7/2016 (in Chinese)…

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This petition was started by Walk in Hong Kong 活現香港 on August 11, 2016, with an end date of December 8, 2016.

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