Declare Red House as Proposed Monument

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Declare Red House as Proposed Monument



Heritages record the historic past and development of a place, including its constitutional development. Therefore it is not only valuable, but also a favourable channel for our next generation to learn more about the unique history of the land we live on. On top of that, heritages often tell the story of history more authentically than written records.

In recent days, one of the historical legacies, the Red House, located in Zhongshan Park, Tuen Mun is under threat of demolition. In other words, our next generation might lose the chance of learning about Xinhai Revolution. It is also noted that the Red House serves as an important building in the history of the constitutional development in contemporary China:

The house served as the origin of the revolutionary movement, including Huizhou Uprising and Yellow Flower Mound Revolt. The strategic planning of these two revolutions took place in the Red House.

Despite the fact that the Yellow Flower Mound Revolt ended in disaster, it further encouraged revolutionists to participate in Xinhai Revolution, which eventually overthrew China’s last imperial dynasty, the Qing Dynasty.

This petition was launched under the concern about our next generation’s learning of history. It is worried that written records might fail to portray the whole picture of historical events and might mislead the learners. The following states the negative impacts of losing the Red House:

  • Educational perspective: Students could only acquire knowledge of the historic past through written records like textbooks. Lacking actual heritages and historic sites for reference hinders students’ development on critical thinking skills, and they lose the opportunity to study the Revolution of 1911.
  • Social perspective: The Fortified Structure at at No. 55 Ha Pak Nai, Yuen Long, is also a building with solid evidence of having direct connection with the revolutionary movement under the leadership of Dr. Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925) and his compatriots. It have been listed as legal monuments in 2011 by the Antiquities Advisory Committee. The historical value of the Red House is no less than the Fortified Structure, it should receive the same official status.
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I strongly believe that the Red House in Zhongshan Park, Tuen Mun processes irreplaceable historical significance. The house served as the base for the revolutionary movement, including Huizhou Uprising and Yellow Flower Mound Revolt, in which the two remarkable revolutions were both strategically planned in the Red House. The Yellow Flower Mound Revolt ended in disaster, but it certainly was a reminder for all the faithful rebels and motivated more to participate in Xinhai Revolution, which catalyzed its success in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty.

Being the historical heritage that was associated with the Xinhai Revolution, the Red House is one of the few that still remains standing. It is also the place where memorial services for the revolution martyrs take place every year. If the Red House were demolished, the new generations could only read about the history in textbooks, and unable to take reference from the cultural relics, which is a very unfortunate event.

I hope the Development Bureau could understand the importance of cultural conservation, hence listing the Red House as a Proposed Monument and consult with the property’s owners on the feasible proposal on conserving the Red House.

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This petition was started by Tsz Chung Chan on February 22, 2017, with an end date of March 15, 2017.