5 things you need to know before starting a petition

If you have noticed threats to our nature and living environment imposed by the Hong Kong Government or corporations, and you want to do something to stop them. Should you do it alone? Do you need community efforts? Starting an online petition is an easy way to raise awareness on your cause and to rally support. It is the first step of making change.

Here are 5 things you need to know before starting your own petiton.

1. Have a Compelling and Attainable Goal
Your “ask” must be specific and concise, something that a decision maker can change. A sensible solution will be more likely to be considered than a flamboyant ideal. Example: Instead of “I Demand Safer Traffic in Hong Kong” focus your petition to something like “Restrict Trucks and Lorries On Designated Lanes on High Speed Roads in Hong Kong.” Learn How to Start & Run Your Petition.

2. Deliver Your Petition to the Decision Maker
Gathering signatures is only the first step of making change. When a signature is submitted to a petition, SupportHK.org will notify a decision maker about the petition and keep them updated through the process. A lot of successful petitions happened because the petition starters delivered the list of signers and comments to the decision maker in person! Learn How to Talk to a Decision Maker and Deliver Your Petition in Person.

3. Get the Word Out – Recruit Supporters – Social Media is Key
We all have experienced the power of the Internet and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and other online communities. They make it easy to gain support for your petition. Such ‘space’ also allows you to keep your supporters updated and engaged. Learn How to Promote Your Petition.

4. Online Actions Followed by Offline Actions
Reaching your signature goal is just the first step of a successful petition; it will communicate your demand to the decision maker. But it does not stop there; phone calls, press conferences and meetings can help you put your demand on the decision maker’s agenda.  Be creative. Sometimes you may even need to do a stunt to stick in their memory. Learn How To Get The Story To Media.

5. Keep Going
For some petitions, signatures are just part of a broader campaign. It will certainly help if you put yourself in your target’s shoes. Therefore it might take more to make the change you demand for, be it a longer and larger petition or a news report!

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